One Match Ventures is lighting the way to a brighter future one spark at a time by providing resources for entrepreneurs who are ready to succeed.

Starting a company is a lot like starting a fire with one match.  The odds are against you, but if you have the right match, prepared with right foundation and resources, and the right fire builder, you can turn a small flame into a bon fire.  Similarly, a entrepreneur can start a company with a limited small amount of capital and build it into a sustainable and growing business.

One Match Ventures is focused investing and partnering with early stage companies across a wide range of industries, including retail technology (online and offline), rising new brands in fashion, retail, food and beverage, as well as internet of things, SaaS, artificial intelligence, nano-technology, and quantum technology.

The information/resources on One Match helps entrepreneurs:

  • Prepare the foundation for starting a successful business
  • Focus on growing quickly with limited resources
  • Create the best pitch and plan to successfully raise capital to gain larger resources to continue growth