CareBooker is an online platform for finding and booking family care professionals, such as babysitters, pet care providers, and tutors.  Families can book interviews and appointments around care provider’s real-time schedule, receive reminders, and pay online.  All care provider’s are offered free background checks and have certified reviews from actual customers.

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DashBid is a powerful online and mobile video advertising technology for publisher’s (ex. MTV, CNN, Hulu), providing each publisher a Private Real-Time Bidding Marketplace for advertisers to buy direct ad placement, internal Ad Sales Tools to help a publisher’s Ad Sales Team sell better, and an Ad Optimizing SWAT platform which centrally manages multiple 3rd party ad technologies, such as open ad networks and ad exchanges increasing overall fill rates and CPMs.

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APJeT is a nano-technology that uses atmospheric plasma to change and enhance the surface properties of a wide variety of materials, beginning with, but not limited to textiles.  Applications range from treating material on one side to be water repellent, while on the other side absorb water, as well as being anti-static, anti-microbial, and fire retardant, all without changing the look and feel of the material.

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CardScan.Me is a virtual business card exchange application for both mobile phones and PCs. Users can create multiple virtual business cards and choose which card and what information to share when exchanging cards.  Application is available for both iPhone and Android operating systems, and requires only one user to have the application to exchange cards.

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